Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Perseverance Is a Beautiful Thing Too.

I have just won an internal debate with myself over whether to update this. But since I do not want this blog to die a horrific death (as per all other blogs I've attempted), I will make myself talk. Granted, on a personal level these past 2 weeks or so have not been the most lovely for me--unemployment and a nasty cold--but! There have been several bright spots that I must share:

1. The Inheritance Christian Academy children's end-of-year performance. Who wouldn't be moved by a bunch of kindergarteners and first-graders doing some really intelligent and wonderful things? This wasn't the usual awful, boring school show where bratty children show off their mediocre skills for parents who are ready to kill each other for the role of "Parent of the Smartest Child". No, I'm pretty sure that type of performance is only found from TV and movie children.
This show was great. The kids sang Judy Rogers songs, which rule the planet (if you don't know who she is, look her up on iTunes or something). And, which was particularly relevant, recited the days of Creation. YUS. SO refreshing. A kid can say without blinking that God created a chicken in ONE day. 24 hours, believe it or not!...and not see any 'inconsistences' or scientific issues or what-not because for them, there is no difference between believing that and believing that a God-Man rose from the dead. Or that a virgin had a child. I don't suppose I can ever have a purer faith than that, and I'm not going to attempt it.

2. My friends' David and Rebecca's wedding. Great event. Pastor Paul Murphy (of Messiah's Reformed Fellowship, or MeRF, in Manhattan...known the family for many years) gave one of the best wedding homilys I've heard in my life. I mean, he laid it all out on the table. One would think that, for a couple perhaps less aware than Dave and Rebecca, that sermon would have been pretty scary. I mean, no one's supposed to talk about 'duty' and 'responsibility' and 'vows' at a wedding, right? It's supposed to be all hearts and clouds and kissy-faces, right? Pastor Murphy knocked that idea right down, and although I'm sure he was preaching to the choir (Dave and Rebecca are both very mature and Godly), it was still a great thing to hear.
The food, the friends, the DANCING--all was incredible. Best wedding band ever! Crepes for dessert!
I was even asked to dance once or twice. And I loved the dress I had on. And all the songs were great.

I want to go on about other things, but this will have to do for now, as I need to get up early tomorrow. Next time I might talk about some other random stuff, like cute and gorgeous webcomics, and some movies maybe? We'll see.

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