Thursday, May 28, 2009

In Which I Attempt to Begin.

"What is the felt experience of cognition at the moment one stands in the presence of a beautiful boy or flower or bird?...When the eye sees something beautiful, the hand wants to replicate it." ~ Elaine Scarry, On Beauty and Being Just

For several reasons I've taken it upon myself to create this blog--one, being that I always intended to blog about something; but, not trusting my random fits of melancholy, decided that I needed a definite topic to talk about. Otherwise, I figured I would be doomed to have nothing to talk about except, perhaps, a bad commute on the subway home from work, or the fact that quite a bit of time has passed since I'd had anything "exciting" to do.

It's pretty late now, and my sister Brittany will be home from work in a matter of minutes, whereupon I will have to abandon this post and watch Firefly with her. Not that I'm complaining--but I would like to further expound on my purpose and subject matter.

For now, I will leave only the following list, which I think sums up basically the sorts of things I want to talk about here from now on. It is a list of 20 things which I consider beautiful, the kind of things that will hopefully be featured here in future posts.

  1. The sad romantic smell of a campfire.
  2. Springy curls, flowing waves and silky sheets of hair in any color.
  3. A nude drawn by a master artist.
  4. My best friend in her wedding dress that fit so perfectly without any alterations.
  5. A ballet about love, or war, or a jewel heist.
  6. A man's voice cracking with raw emotion and vulnerable imperfection when he sings.
  7. The twinkle of Christmas lights and the taste of cold peppermint.
  8. Violins playing faster than you can hum along.
  9. Sweet creamy vanilla and rich smooth chocolate.
  10. Elephants painting canvases with their trunks.
  11. An open smile from my brother.
  12. Making something well, whether it be a picture, a story, a song or a batch of cookies.
  13. Tree-green against sky-blue and how those exact colors can't quite be reproduced.
  14. Heart-breaking acoustic guitar that makes you sad for no reason.
  15. Making my mother laugh. For real.
  16. How the city never sleeps and you can find a place to eat at 1 a.m., and how it feels so friendly and safe if only for that reason.
  17. How night in the country makes you feel closer to God.
  18. The book of Hebrews when it feels like God has turned His back.
  19. Blankets, pillows, hot tea and unspoken love for everyone in the room.
  20. Ants rescuing their children when their nest is destroyed.

I could probably think of more right now, and will think of many more, no doubt, as time goes on....

How about you? What are 20 things that are just, for many reasons or none at all, just simply beautiful, and you notice it each and every time? And love them for it?


Born4catz said...

Our cabin in NY. It's quiet and peaceful.

The breathtaking view of the landscape, it's easy to have a perfect day there.

Certain Antique fashions. The colors and styles mmm.

When a movie soundtrack uses a voice singing to bring a new level of emotion to the scene. Boys choirs especially. (like in Lord of the Rings for example)


A warm summer breeze. Warm air that is actually blowing on you, you enjoy it at the time but forget about it later.

The few books that I've actually finished, and will probably read multiple times.

All of the artists that I aspire to be equal to. Just once.

Flowers tucked behind a girl's ear, or clipped to the side of her head. It completely changes the look in an instant, and should be done more often.

The way watercolor paints bleed and blend into a large blob of water, blending seamlessly.

British accents speaking proper english. Dialogue between two classic characters.

Victorian houses with classic details. An iron gate that someone actually worked hard to mold and form. Trimming that someone molded. Stone that someone chiseled. Design that is so attractive but was abandoned to simplify and save money. But the simple ways are no cheaper, and the artisan ways are all the more expensive... v_v

Front porches with real Lemonade, watching the neighborhood go by and eating watermelon and ice cream.


Ok I can't think of any more right now... <_<

Jenn said...

Your list almost brought me to tears.

You truly have a keen sense about what's beautiful in this world. So many things on your list made me know exactly what you were talking about.

I love this blog!

Regina said...

Your list is awesome and true. I'll only add a few of my most favorites.

In no particular order:

Yellow light from a window shining through the woods on a cold night.

Fireflies on a summer dusk.

Cicadas and frogs singing in the summer.

The sound of a musician's fingers squeaking on a guitar or fiddle fretboard.

Sunshine even though the sky is black.

The feel of my daughter's head resting on my chest.