Sunday, June 14, 2009

Diamond (Capers) Are a Girl's Best Friend

"But square-cut, or pear-shaped, these rocks don't lose
Their shape,
Diamonds are a girl's best friend."
~ Nicole Kidman as Satine, "Sparkling Diamonds", Moulin Rouge!

I simply had to register at, just so I could vote for my favorite ballet performance ever, "Diamond Caper" by Covenant Ballet Theatre of Brooklyn (CBTB). This dance happens to be one of my 20 Most Beautiful Things (in post #1), and I had no idea there was a video recording online! If you've never had the privilege of seeing this performed live, then check out the following link:

Now this dance was choreographed by the director of CBTB, Marla Hirokawa, who is one of the most amazing and beautiful Christian women you will ever meet--ever. It tells the story of the Hope Diamond, which is a pretty huge, gorgeous (and some say cursed) diamond, which was stolen back and forth by various people and then went missing, and then was's a pretty crazy story. And who would have ever thought to create a BALLET based on a diamond heist?? The answer is, the same person who manages to create awesome ballets out of the story of Japanese-American nisei soldiers in World War II (not to mention tour Hawaii putting said ballet on!), or of orphaned New York children and the "orphan train" that brought them to new lives and homes in the early 20th century midwest, or...well, she's made a LOT of amazing ballets.

And no...I'm not just advertising CBTB because its director is a family friend of 15 years...or that my little sister is a dancer in the company's Brooklyn studio...not to mention many of my good friends...or that I go to every show and every event involving the studio, because I love it to death. This is GOOD ART. Can't say that about too many things, can you? I mean, really. About contemporary stuff. Not too often! This company is a force of nature that God is using/will continue to use to blaze a path for His work into the (mostly) dead landscape of contemporary art, particularly in the New York area. I've been dragged (kicking and screaming against my will) through what passes for art in this city and believe me, it's hard to come by. Like a diamond, if you will....

Please visit for more information about this studio, and if you live in the NY area, don't hesitate to stop by and maybe sign up for a flamenco class starting in September. (That's one of the few CBTB classes I've not tried and failed at. I'm not a dancer....)

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